Because of the lens effect, the actual image reflected in retina is upside-down. It is believed that for the first few days, babies see everything upside-down.

The task of creating the right-side-up perception is handled in the optic part of the brain itself. Brain is working hard to create a classical perception that is useful for the most practical purposes.  



[3] For more information on the perceptual framework of newborns, see Chamberlain (n.d.).

Sensation versus Perception

[4]  Here, I am debating the irrelevancy or accidental nature of discarded information or circuitries. The circuitries formed maybe legitimate
[5] Again, I would like to question the irrelevancy of the pruned dendrites. Many formed information pathways are eliminated during this humongous trimming.

Sensation vs.

      Perception [3]


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Sensation vs. Perception      Maturation

Sensation vs. Perception

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